About Us

Here at Z0Cal we want to help make a difference in our industry and in our customers lives by creating the worlds First line of Zero Calorie and Ultra low calorie ice creams and frozen desserts. We are not simply focused on getting to some pre-set low number but to actually create delicious products that consumers can enjoy without compromise while fitting into any life style, diet or health regiment they choose

Our story started with a dream (or what seemed a fantasy at the time) of creating a great tasting product that was also zero calories or so low in calories, sugar and carbs that you could consume it without having to worry about it or even think about how much of it you were eating; life has too many other things to worry about already, your treat shouldn't be one of them.

This has been a personal journey for our founder who as a child struggled with weight and related health and social issues and tried virtually every diet out there, but could never find a product that would fit virtually all diets and more importantly tasted great and he could eat without feeling guilty or constantly having to do math on calories , sugar, carbs...etc. He dedicated his life to study of food and its effects gaining advanced degrees in food science and related fields. All his studies led him to the conclusion that answer was to be found in nature. The key was going back and seeing how nature cooks up its delicious and healthy foods through balance without processing or refining using sustainable ingredients