How Is This Possible

The first thing people say when they taste our products for the first time is honestly    "WOW! I never expected it to be so creamy, rich, dense and flavorful! I thought it would be at least icy or chemically - Tasting"  The second thing they ask is "how are you able to do this with so little sugar, fat and carbs AND still use only Natural Ingredients and no fillers?" The Short answer is we observe the wonderful work of NATURE!
The slightly longer answer is years of work, investment, failure and stress-eating developing our proprietary TBIC Recipe Platform. TBIC (Short for The Best Ice Cream) is based on studying nature and how it makes a delicious, flavorful, crisp Strawberry, for example, from essentially water (~90-95% of a strawberry) plus some special sugars and a few other healthy ingredients. This technology combined with another wonder of nature; the very rare sugar Allulose, allowed us to create amazing tasting products that deliver on the amazing taste, texture and mouthfeel without any short cuts.
So What is Allulose; it is simply a fruit sugar (main component in table sugar) with a Twist (literally!), it was discovered decades ago by a very smart scientist and carries the highest food safety designation of GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). In nature, if you look at fruit sugar molecules, you would see that a very tiny minority of fruit sugar exists where its twisted just a little different than the rest of its brothers and sisters which makes it just different enough that our body for the most part ignores it and it passes through the body without being converted into calories or impacting or triggering the body's Glycemic Response. Allulose is a true sugar and not a sugar alcohol such as Erythritol and other sweeteners currently used in low calorie ice creams and desserts and as such is not fermented in the gut and isn't known to produce gas.
Furthermore, since Allulose is a form of fruit sugar which is a main component of Sucrose (table sugar), it shares the unique & clean sweetness profile even if it's a bit less sweet at 70% the sweetness intensity of Sucrose.
Allulose shares another very important property with sugar that helps it make superior frozen desserts; namely that it is fully soluble in water unlike Erythritol. This solubility allows it to physically replace sugar in making ice creams taste rich, dense and soft even at freezer temps so that you can eat Z0Cal straight out of the freezer without having to break the spoon getting it out.
The Combination of TBIC and Allulose Makes it possible for Z0Cal to create indulgent rich ice cream and frozen desserts with little or no Calories, Sugar, Carbs and Fat without having to water down the recipes or inject a lot of air which makes ZOCal your perfect daily treat!